About Us


Airline Shoes North America is an extension of a market leader in crew shoes. As a joint venture between a leader in the United States airline employee retail sector, it’s a brilliant joint venture between the parent company of AirlineEmployeeShop.com and Airline Shoes International BV. We are pleased to import the same quality, consistency and stylish crew shoes that the rest of the global marketplace has been enjoying to the USA. We ship from our warehouse in Grapevine Texas straight to you!

Founded in 2012 by Phil Loyley who brought 40 years of shoe industry experience, Airline Shoes International BV has quickly grown to become a market leader in crew shoes. Today, AirlineShoes stands as a global brand whose product line has expanded to include men’s shoes, women’s shoes and accessories adapted to fit crew’s and traveler’s needs alike.
Airline Shoes International legacy includes a dedication to innovation and a passion for comfort and safety, with a mission to continue to inspire people to feel happy…feet first!  At the end of the day, what we really want is for you to just remember the feelings created by keeping your feet safe, comfortable and stylish: an accomplishment delivered by AirlineShoes.


AirlineShoes passionate team works towards your satisfaction because we never forget how important you are to our success. We work hard to ensure that your experience of our brand is as positive as possible.
Our dedication to the airline industry needs is reinforced by our constant dedication to innovation. As an example, we invented a special process to create the soles of our shoes that prevents bubbles and allows the soles to be produced with very sharp profiles and excellent anti-slip properties, not to mention with an increased durability. After all our CEO, Phil Loyley Mastered in Polymer Technology!


As a continually evolving brand, there is always something new to learn, something more exciting and something more comfortable and stylish for you to try. Please keep coming back to find out more about our latest developments and talk to us about your shopping and AirlineShoes experience. We welcome your suggestions, complaints, and compliments!
We pledge to you that Airline Shoes International will carry on its quest to provide comfort, safety and durability, with style always in mind!

We thank you in advance for taking us with you on your journeys and keeping us safe on our travels!