How Far Do You Walk in a Day at Work?

We are conducting a study to see how far airline employees walk in a day when at work. Do you walk a mile or 10 miles? Does it vary by airline or if you fly domestic or international? Does it vary between regional and mainline employees? We want to know and we will publish the results when the study is done.

To participate you need to be using a FitBit, Apple Watch or other device that will track your steps during your work period/work day.

We are looking for pilots, flight attendants, gate and ticket agents, as well as those who work on the ramp. We want those who work domestic flights, international flights, mainline and regional's to participate in this study.

We will be giving away crew shoes, discount coupons and more to those taking part in this study. Each time you make a submission that counts as an entry in the drawings we will do when the survey is over.

To participate just fill out the form below. Then fill out the report every time you work as each entry gets you a chance at our drawings at the end of this study, which will be Jan. 31, 2020. Win a pair of work shoes from or other great prizes including discount codes for 25%, 50% or 75% off!!

Remember each entry you make counts in the drawing.

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